Left Brain Client Testimonials

"My guitar was virtually unplayable before taking it to Cacapon Guitars for a setup. Lee very clearly explained everything he was going to do to the guitar and returned it to me playing beautifully. Thanks to Lee for the great work on my acoustic."

-Howard, Owner of the Norman B20


"Lee, thanks for the phenomenal work on my lbanze bass guitar. I thought the neck was bowed beyond hope, but your repairs brought it back to life. The action is great now, and it's ready to rock! I'll be telling people about your quality work - all the best!"
-Darline, Drummer / Percussionist
Bethal Lutheran Church Ensemble, Winchester, VA
The Pleasure Seekers/Cradle (Reunion), Detroit, MI


"Lee, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on my Cherry sunburst Gibson hollow body 125 TC. I didn't know if it would ever play the way I wanted since my Mom purchased it for me in 1974. This is a very special guitar to me and I couldn't just let anyone work on it, but after meeting and talking with you about your care and expertise I had no doubts that you were the Lutherie for the job. And what a terrific job you did resetting the bridge, the intonation, redoing the frets, and the neck. The playability of this guitar is fantastic and you have exceeded all of my expectations. You hit this one out of the park and next on the list I want you to repair my 1958 Gibson Les Paul Special. Thanks again for my rejuvenated guitar and rejuvenated excitement to once again play this wonderful guitar."
-Ken from Davidsonville, Maryland

"Lee has been a good friend for nearly a decade and I’ve known about his interest in building and repairing fretted instruments for most of that time. I’ve toured his shop, seen his work, and played some of the instruments he’s built. Most impressive, are his uncompromising attention to detail and commitment to perfection. Last year I gave him a real challenge; a vintage Guild D-40 that I bought new in 1965 (Hoboken factory). This guitar sat in its case for way too many decades and was just about unplayable. Check out Lee’s blog for details of the restoration which included a difficult neck reset. He handmade a new bridge, bone saddle and nut, flattened the top and gave me back a beautiful sounding instrument, intonated, and with my preferred action height. So far this year, I’ve given Lee my 2002 Gretsch 6120 Nashville to replace the rocking bar bridge with one fully adjustable for intonation and string spacing. It required some customizing to fit the contour of the guitar and Lee made it look factory original. I own several other guitars; fortunately in need of only minor set-up work. Major restoration or routine set-up, Lee Whitehurst is my go-to guy."
-Marc from Paw Paw, West Virginia


"I was recently re-united with Lee after more years than I care to mention (back when we were both aspiring banjo pickers). I knew through a mutual friend that he was doing guitar work full time now, so naturally, our conversation migrated to such matters. I asked Lee to do what I feel must be the hardest thing for a luthier to do – take a great guitar and make it better. I mean, it’s easy to see results when a guitar is in serious need of work, but I wanted something much more subtle. Lee took my mahogany and adirondack spruce Eastman E10-OM back to his shop and did exactly what I had hoped. He made it as good as it can be for my playing style. He dressed the frets, made a new bone saddle, and adjusted the relief and action to optimize it for the string gauge I use. The guitar plays beautifully and sounds absolutely wonderful. This thing sings! Bottom line is this – Lee is the kind of craftsman I have been looking for. I have dealt with various guitar techs over 40+ years of playing, and never found one that went quite to the level of care with my instrument that I desired – until now. If you want quality work done on your instrument by someone who cares as much about it as you, and has the skills and tools to do the job right, Lee is the guy to call. He will certainly be my go to guy for any future work."
-John from Charleston, WV



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